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A brief is a small form of conciliation plan between the client and the contractor, in which important parameters and data of the product or service being developed are fixed. The brief is essentially a technical task. It is thanks to him that the initial data, including marketing data, as well as customer preferences become clear to the contractor, which allows creating a product that fully meets the requirements of the market, as well as the goals and objectives set for it.
Project name
Main contact persons
Additional contacts
TARGETS & GOALS VIDEO | Tell us briefly about the company / product
What business problem do you want to solve with the help of a video
LOCATIONS | In what cities are you planning to shoot?
CONTENT | What video format do you want?
TARGET AUDIENCE | What is your target audience? Describe in detail the target audience that the advertising campaign is aimed at.
USE | How do you plan to distribute this video?
MAIN TASK AND EXAMPLES | The main message of the video?
List what your target audience might be interested in:
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION | What is the approximate budget for the project?
Estimated project completion date?
Additional points that may affect the decision to create a video
Do you want to use captions or a ticker in your video? (YES / NO) (If possible, please provide competitor references from anywhere in the world).
Do you provide a script? Or is it being developed by our authoring group?
Do you want to use 3D/2D graphics? (If possible, provide examples).
Do you want professional actors to star in the film? (NOT REALLY). If you want there to be stars, be sure to indicate who. If you want to remove employees, specify too.
In what format will the final video material be required?
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